Their have been many long hours every year invested by the auto industry in performing some of the greatest safety technology.  But Subaru engineers took great stakes when mastering and designing the EyeSight Driver Assist Technology.  They wanted to develop a system that acted as a second set of eyes on the road.  While there's no replacement for a conscientious alert driver, sometimes everyone makes an unfortunate mistake.  You might not have a good visual of something that can pose a threat.  At any given time anything can happen on the roads and then factor in driving conditions including weather.  With the Subaru EyeSight system the safety technology was designed in giving additional help to see what you may miss.  It also favors to provide you a co-pilot who never diverts their attention from where you are heading.  The EyeSight system is featured in our very own 2017 Forester.  There are some valuable reasons to choose a Subaru Forester, but consider the engineering unlike others with award winning safety.  It is rated the highest possible safety from IIHS when coupled with Steering Responsive Headlights and the EyeSight System.  For the compact SUV enthusiast, the Forester offers great performance and even greater driving assist features.  Although we can express superior technology is dynamically featured in the complete line-up we carry, the Bill Bryan Subaru would love to take you on a Subaru Forester test drive to experience it on your own.  If you are interested to see how wonderful the EyeSight System is schedule your appointment any day of the week with our friendly professionals.
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