The Subaru Outback is an appealing head turner at first glance.  But when the major game players in the auto industry take it on a test drive to see first hand the real facts within the design and structure, that's what makes the 2017 Outback an amazing vehicle.  All across the web major ratings from Autotrader, KBB,, Edmunds and others combined rate it at 8.4 stars.  But what it all adds up to is #2 Wagon in the U.S.  And we say, "awesome" beating out Toyota Prius, Volkswagen Golf, Volvo V60, Fords C-Max Hybrid & Energi, the FIAT 500L and others.  Our team at Bill Bryan Subaru have taken many test drives with our wonderful customers and we can't see it enough the smiles and excitement.   According to the highly trusted U.S. News and World Report we say thank you for ranking our 2017 Subaru Outback #2.  (Although the Audi Allroad is ranked #1 we come in higher on MPG; miles per gallon)  It's got so much to offer any driver in America.  Subaru loyalty comes with great demands and year after year; that is why every vehicle made has a force of features that drivers love.   Here at Bill Bryan Subaru we know what "Confidence in Motion" truly means at Subaru it why it has become a leader in steady growth over the years.  Learn all about the versatile capability, interior room, award winning safety technology, MPG & more.  Stop in for your test drive today at your family choice dealer Bill Bryan Subaru.  We have a large selection of 2017 Subaru Outback to choose from!!   
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