Nobody does technology like Subaru.  When Subaru makes new designs or proto-types for the latest editions nothing is held back.  No comparisons are one of their top focuses with engineering.  Everyone should take some serious consideration at the unique leverages that speak volumes to you and your family with safety!  The Global Platform at headquarters most likely won't come as a surprise for the millions who wouldn't buy anything else, but to the new car buyers or drivers in the world be amazed at the superior model line-up all Subaru has to offer.  First stop in 2016 they launched the Global Platform in the New Subaru Impreza.  It sets the unique foundation for future models which its super adaptability to alternative powertrains, safety and refinement.  The new architecture is designed to achieve "the world's highest level of collision safety" promising to exceed such elements beyond greater than ever known.  The way Global Platform achieves at a closer look is through high strengthe steels with 70% to 100% stiffer bodies to improve impact energy absorption and a lower center of gravity to improve handling response for better accident avoidance, beyond the current 40% Subaru models today. Those benefits can couple together as going hand in hand with a FUN driving experience when not avoiding crashes.  As a goal date to be complete in all models this modularity will be the primary and significant component of the Global Platform to the point of multiple vehicles can be manufactured in Subaru's American plants as well as Japan's.   When you know what greatness goes into Subaru, we share such great excitement.  Let Bill Bryan Subaru and their team take you out on a test drive to discover the passionate unique technology that goes into our line-up any day of the week.  Or stop in today on 441 next to the Leesburg Airport. 
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