College Graduate Program Leesburg FL

Recent and soon to be graduates from Florida universities, or any accredited college, can apply to finance or lease a new Subaru vehicle using the College Graduate Program at Bill Bryan Subaru! This program is for leases and loans that are approved through Subaru Motors Finance. All qualified applicants are automatically eligible to take advantage of any current special lease or retail offers, helping Florida college graduates realize their dream of owning a new vehicle.

Vehicle Eligibility:

All new models at Bill Bryan Subaru are eligible.

Customer Eligibility:

Applicant must be graduating within 6 months or have graduated within up to 24 months from date of application with a Bachelor's Degree, or Associate Degree from an accredited 2 or 4 year U.S. College, Graduate school (Including Doctorate) or Nursing school.

Proof of Graduation:

For the student who will be graduating within the next 6 months: either a letter from the registrar's office stating graduation date and type of degree, a copy of final transcript that states type of degree and date earned is required. For the applicant who has graduated within 24 months from the date of application, a diploma is required. There can be no derogatory credit history, past or present. For joint applicants, both must meet all program eligibility requirements. Subject to Subaru Motor Finance's review of documentation and verification before funding. Additional documents may be required.


Applicant must have proof of employment and income. If employment has not yet started, a letter from the future employer that shows a start date within 90 days of the current date, and salary, is required, along with verbal verification from current or future employer.

Product Parameters:

New Lease and Retail only.  Maximum term is 72 months on retail purchases, and  48 months leases. Maximum advance is 115% of invoice on retail, and 100% on a lease. Maximum amount financed or maximum capitalized cost is $25,000.

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