Buy vs. Lease: Find out which Subaru financing option is right for you at Bill Bryan Subaru

Serving Leesburg, Clermont, Mt. Dora, and Fruitland Park, FL

At Bill Bryan Subaru, we take great pride in our expansive inventory. We've served customers from all over Florida, from our hometown of Leesburg, to the neighboring communities of The Villages, Mt. Dora, Clermont, and Fruitland Park, FL, and we know that no two drivers' are alike. With our full stock of new Subaru models, as well as our well-qualified stock of used cars, crossovers, and SUVs for sale, we offer a wide range of vehicles to suit any drivers' needs. However, as we said before, we understand that each driver is unique, and when it comes to Subaru financing, we strive to offer competitive, tailored options to suit each individual customers' budget and needs. So, to help you determine which financing option is right for you, we've created a small run-down of all the benefits to buying or leasing your next vehicle, so that you be better prepared to get down to brass tacks when you visit our Leesburg, FL Subaru dealership.

Reasons to Buy

  • Great for high-mileage drivers and long-term car owners with no mileage restrictions
  • Once you've paid off your car, you own it!
  • Get two years of free scheduled maintenance here at Bill Bryan Subaru with your purchase
  • Customize your car to your heart's content!
  • No need to switch vehicle's every two to three years
  • Great option for those with money to use on a down payment
  • Take advantage of special financing rates as low as 0%
  • Spend less on your insurance when you purchase a car
  • Freedom to put your vehicle's title into a trust

Reasons to Lease

  • Enjoy lower monthly payments and potential tax benefits when you lease
  • No depreciated value in trade - even in the event of an accident!
  • Leased cars are always under warranty
  • Still enjoy two years of free scheduled maintenance and tire rotations and get one year of roadside assistance to boot!
  • Pay little or no money for your down payment
  • Great choice for commuters and low mileage drivers
  • Freedom to turn in your vehicle at end of lease without haggling over trade-in value
  • Enjoy a new car every few years
  • Great option for those with good credit who like to take care of their cars